Ultra Deep Cleanser


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Ultra Deep Cleanser
Ultra Deep Cleanser
Ultra Deep Cleanser

Product Features:

The device offers systemic cleansing with 100Hz per second of micro vibration, and 3 modes of perfect cleansing wave! "Intelligent gear memory" offers auto repeat mode / 5 min auto-off function.

Mode 1 Massage mode It massages dead cell layer softly using continuous micro vibration.

Mode 2 Cleansing mode It emits residue and pollutants in the pores.

Mode 3 Deep cleansing dead cell care mode It smooths out skin texture by deeply cleansing residue in the pores and old dead cell layer separated.

Due to its soft touch, it's able to massage face even sensitive area softly. Complex care with two different brushes.

"Silicone brush" Power wave' by 1000 ea of round-shaped brushes.

The brushes remove makeup residue and pollutants with its strong but soft vibration and remove dead cell. Use the product which is made of FDA certified silicone without any worries.

Particulate matter detergency. According to the test result, detergency of ULTRA DEEP CLEANSER was 98.34%.

How To Use:

Fix the brush head in the connecting part by twisting the head.

Press power button and turn on cleansing mode. Choose appropriate intensity considering skin condition. Cleanse face like gently massage face depending on cleansing mode.

Gently clease the broad area such as cheeks, forehead, etc.

Cleanse the area where sebum is secreted a lot such as nose balls carefully. Cleanse flaky area such as mouth and chin like massaging them.

In case of finishing cleansing, turn off the device by pressing the power button.

Keep the device at the dry and airy place.

Ultra Deep Cleanser
Ultra Deep Cleanser
Ultra Deep Cleanser