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Me Factory - Piggy Pore Strip - Full Face Project

Me Factory - Piggy Pore Strip

Me Factory

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Product Features 

“Systematic blackhead removal that opens, removes, and closes the pores”
A pore strip which systematically removes the blackheads through a 3 step complete pore-care


How To Use

Step 1.(5 mins)
Place the 1st nose strip to steam the pores to open.
Remove after minutes.

Step 2.(10 mins)
Sufficiently wet your nose with warm water and attach 2nd pore strip. Let dry for 10 minutes until stiff to the touch and slowly peel off from the edges to the center.

Step 3.(15 mins)
Place the 3rd strip on your nose and remove it in 5 minutes. Gently tap it for better absorption of serum.

*Includes 3 Pore Heating Sheets, 3 Blackhead Clearing Sheets & 3 Pore Tightening Sheets