Shiny Pumkin Serum


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Shiny Pumkin Serum
Shiny Pumkin Serum

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Rejuvenating + Neutralization + Ultra-strong moisturizing
85% of Pumpkin extract + 17 Essential amino acids

It contains 85% of pumpkin extract and 17 essential amino acids, a protein to be used for skin regeneration, and a hydrolyzed protein that promotes stem cell formation. It supply the protein with essential amino acid forms that are easy to absorb, protein that is the material of skin cells that is insufficient for Pumpkin Peel. At the same time, it promotes stem cell formation and promotes regeneration.

Shiny Pumpkin Aminotherapy is applied to the skin after Shiny Pumkin Peel. It neutralizes the skin and also promotes the nutrition of the pumpkin extract base and the nutrient absorption of the Shiny Pumkin Peel, and supplies oxygen to clear and brighten skin tone. It nourishes the skin and reduces wrinkles and maximizes moisturizing effect to form natural glow to skin.


Pumpkin extract
Hydrolyzed pea protein
17 essential amino acids

Shiny Pumkin Serum
Shiny Pumkin Serum