Mask Off-Why Face Masks Should Be Your #1 Skincare Product

Mask Off-Why Face Masks Should Be Your #1 Skincare Product
We all know how crucial a consistent skincare regimen is. We understand that our body is a temple and whatever we put on/in our body will drastically affect how we act and feel. When people think of face masks, most think that clay masks are the only type of mask out in the beauty industry. Not anymore! Sheet masks are the NEXT best thing to add to your skincare regimen, and here’s why. Sheet masks are a highly-concentrated fabric face-shaped mask that is packaged specifically to lock in nutrients so that the ingredients are fully unlocked by the time you are able to apply it onto your face. Since it is doused in minerals, amino acids, and vitamins, it is the MOST hydrating form of face masks, giving your skin the upmost hydration that it can get. The fabric allows nutrients to stay in the mask, unable to evaporate, therefore it is also less wasteful and you’re able to get more bang for your buck. Here’s a list of some FFP favorites!  
Skiin Studio Moisturizing & Nourishing Mask-$7
If you're looking to get NEXT LEVEL hydration for your skin, then this mask is for you! The bio-cellulose nutrients have 10X higher moisture than any other mask out in the market, and also has a soothing/cooling effect once you apply it onto your face! 
COS.# Vita Tree Recovery Sheet Mask-$9.26
If acne is one of your main concerns, then this COS.# face mask is the perfect mask for you. This mask contains propolis extract, which helps reduce inflammation and helps speed up cell growth. It also contains a variety of essential fatty acids and antioxidants including Vitamin C and Vitamin E. If you're looking to get rid of those pesky acne scars or reduce redness/inflammation, this mask was MADE for you! 
FEELXO Pure Care Lotus Mask-$4.50
Ever wonder on how to get rid of those annoying blackheads and large pores? This charcoal sheet mask is crafted to stop the over-production of sebum that builds up in your skin, dimishing large pores. The charcoal is also a perfect ingredient in sucking up all of the leftover bacteria, toxins, and dirt left on your face (even after you take off your makeup), and will help exfoliate and dispose of dead skin cells.  
Loup Blanc Multilayer Mask for Men-$28.60
Now we know we can't forget about the men here on our page! Most guys tend to forget or rush their skincare routine, so this mask is specifically made to cater to their skin. Since it is a multilayer mask, it battles numerous components that make it easy and simple. Filled with lava seawater, (for moisture), and thistle extract, (vitalizes and brightens), this mask is the best way to take care of your skin! 

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